Guadalupe - The Facts

When a minor gets medical care, a responsible adult isrequired to sign in for the minor.  Thisresponsible adult will also often be required to sign a guaranty to pay theminor’s medical bill.  According toGuadalupe, her husband signed for the niece’s medical care and therefore likelyagreed to pay for the niece’s medical bill. So, the niece’s medical care became the husband’s medical debt.

If Guadalupe is actually having her wages garnished, thenthe hospital likely sued Guadalupe’s husband because he would not pay for thedebt he agreed to pay for.  Under Idahocommunity property law, Guadalupe’s wages can be garnished to pay a judgmentagainst Guadalupe’s husband.

Although Guadalupe’s husband can say the debt isn’t hisdebt, he signed for the minor and likely agreed to pay for the niece’s medicalcare.

Debt collection is governed by federal law known as the FairDebt Collection Practices Act.  The FDCPAalready prevents threatening and bullying statements like those Guadalupe’shusband claims he received.