Jen - The Facts

Grace received emergency care in 2016. When the bill was turned over to debt collectors, a payment plan of $50 per month was arranged.

The collector has sent Grace 37 collection notices and never once has Grace called in response to the collection notices or made one voluntary payment on unpaid debt.  The attorneys for the collector sued Grace in November 2016, and Grace didn’t make her first payment until October 2018.  Between November 2016 and October 2018, Grace committed to payment arrangements, but she never made a single payment and her plans were interrupted when she was sentenced to 14 months incarceration.  

When she was released, the collector started payments and took a reduced amount at $50 per month so she could pay her fines and parole supervision.  Grace called the attorneys for the collector on two occasions asking to revise her payment plan and the attorneys for the collector did so.  When Grace did miss her payment, she blamed the attorneys saying she didn’t get her text reminder although their records showed otherwise.  When the attorneys told her that she needed to pay $325, she became so verbally abusive and the attorneys terminated the call.  Grace called back immediately, and she became verbally abusive so the attorneys terminated the call again.  Grace’s mother called back the next day and wanted to pay off Grace’s account in full.  Because the attorneys for the collector had spent nearly three years, multiple garnishments, and multiple court-ordered exams trying to get the doctor paid, the attorneys  told the mother they would be asking the court to award additional attorney’s fees pursuant to law for the time they had spent.  The mother then paid Grace’s balance in full at that time.

The only reason the attorneys for the collector sought additional attorney’s fees is that Grace did not honor her commitments to pay the debt and caused a lot of additional attorney work.  Grace was given an opportunity to contest the requested attorney’s fees.  She did not show up at the hearing.  The judge approved the attorney fee award because of all the work Grace had put them through.