Leslie - The Facts

Leslie claims she incurred a $1,213 bill for emergency treatment after being attacked by a dog.  Leslie says she found out about the debt last October 2019 when she was informed that her wages would be garnished. Her original bill had already been increased by an additional $765.95 because of interest and attorney fees.

In 2018, Leslie incurred a medical bill at the emergency room for $794.  In 2019, Leslie incurred another doctor bill for $419.  The total of these two bills was $1,213.  After Leslie did not respond to statements sent her in the mail, both accounts were turned over for collections.  After the collector mailed its first collection notice to Leslie, she called the collector who told Leslie that she already had a prior account in legal where she was being sued for not paying a prior emergency room bill.  Leslie said she was aware of that active lawsuit and was going to pay it in full.  The collector told Leslie that she needed to set up payments on the new accounts so that they too did not go to legal.  Leslie said that she understood and agreed.  After the phone call, Leslie called the attorneys for the collector and paid her prior active legal account in full.

Over the next six months, the collector sent Leslie multiple collection notices, but Leslie never responded and never set up payment arrangements as discussed.  In August 2014, the collector sued Leslie for payment of her two unpaid medical bills.  On September 1, 2019, Leslie was served with the complaint at the same address where the collector had been sending her collection notices.  After Leslie did not call the attorneys for the collector to set up payments, the attorneys garnished her wages in October 2019.

Leslie claims she has called the debt collectors repeatedly to arrange for a payment plan rather than have her wages garnished, but she hasn’t been able to speak to anyone on the phone.

However, the collector has no record that she called it or its attorneys after she was sued.  The only record the collector has of Leslie calling was when she called initially and agreed to set up payments.  The only record the attorneys for the collector have of Leslie calling is when she called and paid in full her prior lawsuit.

Leslie claims she got only voicemail and has never received a call back.  However, neither the collector nor its attorneys have any record that Leslie ever left a voicemail.  Both businesses are open during regular business hours.